Jakarta’s majestic textile market

During my last trip to hell city 🙂 , Jakarta, I had a chance to take my Sony RX100 III to the textile market “majestic”. It’s a festival of colors, patterns and an Eldorado for every photographer. Here are some samples  


Power in the Pocket

With a 5DM3 and a range of full frame lenses and the X-T1 with all Touit lenses plus a Samyang fisheye I felt very well prepared for all kind of low light, high speed, low weight, super high quality photo missions.

Only those moments were we wish we could carry professional photo quality in our pockets, the moments of laziness without giving up on quality were uncovered.

Until I found the SONY RX100 M3…. Always with me from now on.

Pocket shot in the Pacha club Dubai, unedited.



A new view of Dubai

After a year of using my Fuji X-T1 with mostly Touit Lenses I decided it’s time for a fisheye and I chose the Samyang 8mm. 

Dubais Burj Khalifa, the highest building of the world, opened a couple of months back a new observation platform to the public – on floor 148. This is where I took the new lens.



Bali is really a magic place and definitely one worth to go if you like photography. I just came back from there trying the new gear:  Fuji X-T1 and Touit lenses first time . Below some impressions from the trip.


DSCF2975 DSCF2305  DSCF2406 DSCF3127 DSCF2969