ART.U.AFFORD in Dubai Creek

The summer heat (hell) is over and the days start to become gorgeous. Its like everybody waited for that and the city as back to our door activities like this small Art street fair, right on the docks in Dubai Creek. So I grabbed my X- T1 and 3 lenses and spend the afternoon in the Creek. Its one of my preferred Dubai Photo locations since years. The below is a se;selection of shots starting in the old souq on my way and then at the Event.

All together a picturesque afternoon.

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Coffee – the Siphon brewed way

DSCF1963 jpg large
Since I travel to Indonesia quite frequently, my coffee experience has completely changed. A handbrewed  pure arabica often doesn’t require milk or sugar, in the contrary any additional ingredients disturb the unique taste of it. A while back I had my first cup of siphon brewed pur arabica in Jakarta’s DJournal  coffee shops and  that has been a real wow and eye opener. Since then I am struggling with any other coffee quality and brewing method including my formerly beloved Aluminum capsule based … you know what I mean.

DSCF1968 jpg large

Recently I discovered in Dubai the Raw Coffee Company which specilaized in importing, roasting and selling pur Arabica’s, mainly from Ethiopia. If you find your way to their warehouse in  the industrial area Al Quoz, you will be able to enjoy the ceremony of a siphon coffee being brewed on your table with some great explanations from the friendly and knowledgeable stuff about the process and the coffee being used. – I will be back for sure.

DSCF1961 jpg large jpg large

Dubai JBR – group selfie

Dubai is mainly an expat society and people come here mainly to work. Eat – sleep – work is often the daily routine and there is not much time left to enjoy the especially in winter breath taking sceneries. A sunset in the beach inspires for tons of photos, the theme cliche, nevertheless still beautiful, like this scene of a group selfie an the guys playing football

csEyes photography (soon