Opinions about Bali are very contrivers. It ranges from “overpopulated” over “cheap tourism” to “pray, eat, love”. For me it is the “Eldorado” of photography with an amazing range of motives from people, over landscape and nature in general to hotel architecture and – yes – the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. And I am used to a high standard from my life in Miami. The word color has a new definition for me and some of the shots on the beach are almost of an artificial beauty. One of my favorite activities is actually to discover new beach clubs, enjoy pool and beach in the afternoon and have the cam ready whenever the magic color shows starts in the late afternoon.

The below photos I took at VUE beach club this year in July and believe or not, the first one is almost unedited. It has been one of those magic evenings ..

gear: Fuji XT1 , Touit 55mm, ISO 3200

DSCF8834 jpg large

this one is edited in highlights and shadow

DSCF8816 jpg large