A Walk on the Path in Campuhan – Ubud

When you drive from Denpasar to Ubud and pass the famous bridge, on the left side right after it you will find the entrance to a beautiful path called Campuhan. Although during sunrise and sunset you will enjoy amazing views, I used my day and the walk mainly for macro shots and ofcourse some landscape and other motives aswell. 

Gear: Canon 5D M3 , 28-300mm with 1.5x converter ring for the macro shots.

Don’t get to close to the spider:


This one I call angel hair:

The statue in the temple and a vintage bike infront offered itself as interesting motives:

All together a beautiful late afternoon

The Green (Hidden) Canyon – Bali Guwang Sukawati

After 2 months of recovering a Jakarta pollution born lung infection I finally felt fit enough to leave the house and it was time to get the dust off my camera. Having left my Fuji X-T1 in hell city I had no choice then carry the 5D – M III with a 28-300mm lens and 1-1.5x adaptor with me. Uff …. As the destination was the Green Canyon nearby Sukawati. Well , what wouldn’t you do to take a great shot.

We arrive there around noon, filled up energy and water at the nearby Warung and got ready for the hike. 

iPhone – panorama shot: at the warung 

Since it is Hari Raya week, there where many other visitors, mainly from Java, so we better get going. You pay 20k IDR per person, get a local guide, who in our case was a 16y old kid, who saved me liters of sweat by carrying the empty backpack and the tripod. Cam was on me, adaptor in the pocket.

In order to bypass some of the crowd our guide suggested to take a short cut which meant crowling up the canyon wall, walk towards canyon Number 1 and then down into it again.

The shortcut:

At this point I was soaked in sweat, but it was all worth it.

Magic light, colors, dimensions … It’s really a fantastic hike and photography experienc

At some stages you just feel like on another planet; having just watched the new movie we call this shot “Tarzan on Mars”

The contrast of light and shadow asks for a dynamic range which only a professional camera masters.

There are several spots where spring water surfaces and you can watch the sand corns dancing in the stream.

After the 3rd canyon we rested, took of shoes and socks to get rid of the extra weight of sand collected wading through the water pools on the way.

Then you have a choice to walk back the same way or leave the canyon and return to the start with a lovely walk through the rice fields crowning the top of the canyon.

Exhausting – fulfilling … A wonderful hike.

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1000 islands 

1h speed boat distance away from Jakarta are the thousand islands, where someone can stay spend a weekend in basic home stay accommodation as a base to explore some of the islands. We have done that last weekend and used the picturesc scenery for a photo shoot. My faboulos  Models Matthew and Rangga , gear Fuji X-T1 with various lenses.

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ART.U.AFFORD in Dubai Creek

The summer heat (hell) is over and the days start to become gorgeous. Its like everybody waited for that and the city as back to our door activities like this small Art street fair, right on the docks in Dubai Creek. So I grabbed my X- T1 and 3 lenses and spend the afternoon in the Creek. Its one of my preferred Dubai Photo locations since years. The below is a se;selection of shots starting in the old souq on my way and then at the Event.

All together a picturesque afternoon.

DSCF2055 jpg large DSCF2074 jpg large DSCF2235 jpg large

DSCF2232 jpg large DSCF2221 jpg large

DSCF2211 jpg large DSCF2130 jpg large

Coffee – the Siphon brewed way

DSCF1963 jpg large
Since I travel to Indonesia quite frequently, my coffee experience has completely changed. A handbrewed  pure arabica often doesn’t require milk or sugar, in the contrary any additional ingredients disturb the unique taste of it. A while back I had my first cup of siphon brewed pur arabica in Jakarta’s DJournal  coffee shops and  that has been a real wow and eye opener. Since then I am struggling with any other coffee quality and brewing method including my formerly beloved Aluminum capsule based … you know what I mean.

DSCF1968 jpg large

Recently I discovered in Dubai the Raw Coffee Company which specilaized in importing, roasting and selling pur Arabica’s, mainly from Ethiopia. If you find your way to their warehouse in  the industrial area Al Quoz, you will be able to enjoy the ceremony of a siphon coffee being brewed on your table with some great explanations from the friendly and knowledgeable stuff about the process and the coffee being used. – I will be back for sure.

DSCF1961 jpg large jpg large

Dubai JBR – group selfie

Dubai is mainly an expat society and people come here mainly to work. Eat – sleep – work is often the daily routine and there is not much time left to enjoy the especially in winter breath taking sceneries. A sunset in the beach inspires for tons of photos, the theme cliche, nevertheless still beautiful, like this scene of a group selfie an the guys playing football

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Opinions about Bali are very contrivers. It ranges from “overpopulated” over “cheap tourism” to “pray, eat, love”. For me it is the “Eldorado” of photography with an amazing range of motives from people, over landscape and nature in general to hotel architecture and – yes – the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. And I am used to a high standard from my life in Miami. The word color has a new definition for me and some of the shots on the beach are almost of an artificial beauty. One of my favorite activities is actually to discover new beach clubs, enjoy pool and beach in the afternoon and have the cam ready whenever the magic color shows starts in the late afternoon.

The below photos I took at VUE beach club this year in July and believe or not, the first one is almost unedited. It has been one of those magic evenings ..

gear: Fuji XT1 , Touit 55mm, ISO 3200

DSCF8834 jpg large

this one is edited in highlights and shadow

DSCF8816 jpg large